Jackson | Main Architecture inspires with our design, helping our clients succeed by improving people’s interaction with the built environment, emphasizing human needs and responsible stewardship of natural resources.


We are excited and engaged when we come to work. We bring inspiration and innovation to the built environment. Our work is fulfilling, and we are recognized in sustainable design and resource management. Jackson | Main Architecture is trusted a advisor in our field.


Jackson | Main Architecture, believes that the right physical environment is a major key to personal and professional comfort and success. We at JMA want the projects we design to contribute to the environment functionally, aesthetically and emotionally. Not only for the individual client, but the community as a whole. We want our clients and the community to enjoy and to have a sense of pride in their surroundings. Since our clients come from a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds, JMA focuses on a close client to architect relationship from project inception to completion. We also encourage clients to be actively involved in their architectural plans and encourage communication with all members of the project team.