The creation of Jackson | Main Architecture steps up our creativity, and allows us to focus on the leading edge of new design technologies and project delivery systems.


Jackson | Main Architecture is a full-spectrum design firm centered on client satisfaction. We serve as a trusted advisor that listens, understands, responds, and adapts, resulting in forward-thinking designs that enhance the built environment. Our team is equally focused on producing thoughtful, forward-thinking, and sustainable designs, and fostering a collaborative process with our valued clients.



Founded in 2015 when two established Seattle architecture firms and one Kansas City firm joined together, JMA focuses our time and talents on architecture, master planning, and interior design for a broad range of clients within the industrial, commercial, residential, retail, mission-critical, institutional, healthcare, and workplace sectors.


The evolution of JMA began with the founding of Jean Fraley Architects in 1967. JMA partner Robin Murphy joined Jean Fraley Architects in 1991, forming the core of the company that would later become known as SCMA.

Partners Gregg Percich and Robert Kroese opened the doors of PKJB in 1991, starting a successful 25+ year run for the architectural firm. 

In 2015, the PJKB, SCMA, and an architecture practice from Kansas City, MO joined together to create Jackson | Main Architecture.  JMA still serves clients who started working with our predecessors over 45 years ago.