Infomart Data Centers pride themselves as an award-winning industry leader in owning and operating highly efficient, cost-effective, wholesale data centers  that meets and often exceeds the toughest industry standards for data centers in regards to security, connectivity, and physical resilience. Jackson | Main Architecture has had the privilege of working with them on several projects. This project consisted of two phases: Cascadia 01, the tenant improvement – starting in 2015 and Cascadia 02, the building expansion – finishing in 2017. The original building, built in 1997, was designed as a manufacturing facility for scanning electron microscopes and other related equipment. It has since been transformed and expanded into the cutting edge Infomart Data Center you see today, with state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical features, due to the demand of the clientele. Cascadia 01 phase, segmented existing manufacturing and storage spaces into state of the art data halls, and MEP equipment rooms. In addition to the renovation of existing spaces, the building was expanded by 100,000 square feet in Cascadia 02 phase, creating three additional data halls, MEP equipment room spaces and future office space. The expansion was designed to achieve LEED Gold. Photo Credit: Alan Brandt Photography took all ground photos and Skyris took the aerial shot.