200 mill avenue – renton, wa

200 Mill Avenue will be a mixed-use community that will serve as a community gathering space along downtown Renton’s river front. The project includes an existing library and office tower with added parking, retail, dwelling units and a new riverside park.

Key components

  • Non-profit and\or local government ownership

  • Public funding and prevailing wage requirements and compliance

  • New construction from ground up

  • Commercial/retail component

  • Enhanced sustainable design features

  • Community engagement process

Cosmos – Bellevue, WA

Conceptual design for two high rise office towers over retail and parking. Project has a pedestrian connection through the site east to west bridging 105th to the east and connecting to the Vulcan development. Area of this complex is approximately 950,000 sf. When including the Vulcan development the two projects together aggregated over two million square feet.

Vibrant Cities New Castle – New Castle, Washington

Vibrant Cities New Castle is located in the downtown area of New Castle (near the library) and was originally designed to be 27 dwelling units at 45’ per the zoning code.

Through careful discussion and negotiation with the city, they are currently open to a higher density to strengthen their downtown core area.  This will increase the project to 73 units at 65’ with mixed used at the lower floors and underground parking.